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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Accessibility Standards: - DIR - SRRPUB11 - World Wide Web Design Standards and Coding Guidelines

DIR - SRRPUB11 - World Wide Web Design Standards and Coding Guidelines
Health and human services agencies in Texas are required by House Bill 2292 (78th Regular Session) to comply with federal accessibility standards for persons with disabilities (Section 508)

FSG Accessibility Workgroup Web site
FREE STANDARDS GROUP TO DRIVE ACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS FOR LINUX Posted by snidersd on Wednesday, January 21 @ 10:11:42 EST (2755 reads) Topic Accessibility

Seattle Channel - About Us: Presentation and Accessibility Standards
Information about the Seattle Channel: Presentation and Accessibility Standards City of Seattle Web Presentation and Accessibility Standards Purpose | Introduction |

Comparison WCAG and Section 508 Web
The intention here is to compare the Priority 1 Web Content Accessibility checkpoints with the Section 508 Web Accessibility standards. However, some of the 508 standards relate to

Texas Accessibility Standards: Purpose, Authority and Application
In state owned buildings and facilities that are constructed or renovated with federal funds, compliance with accessibility standards prescribed by the sponsoring federal agency may be required.

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