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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Accessibility Standards: - Annie Jennings

Annie Jennings
PRWeb - Survey of Premiership Football Club Websites A report published by net-progress into English Premier League Football Club websites has revealed that 85% of those websites failed to meet basic accessibility standards and were also likely to provide an

Novus Leisure begins online drive
NetImperative - The search engine friendly sites meet W3C accessibility standards and plans are in place to provide a secure transactions area before Christmas to process online booking deposits along with the development of an API to allow select third parties to

EU aims to bridge digital divide
Times of Malta - Moreover, in the EU, only 10 per cent of persons over 65 use the internet and only three per cent of public websites comply fully with minimum web accessibility standards. Addressing the conference, Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane

Eric Kinney, President
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Property problems: Who pays for providing wheelchair access?
New Zealand Herald - Q: Are businesses that are visited by the public required to provide wheelchair access where the need for A: The Building Act 2004 sets the accessibility standards for buildings.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Accessibility Standards: - Irish public sector websites get lost in translation

Irish public sector websites get lost in translation
Silicon Republic - We have helped a host of Irish and Welsh organisations to publish their websites in multiple languages, ensuring that they comply with accessibility standards. Where organisations don't have language provisions in place it is often because budgets

C-BISD ponders new bond election
Brazoria Facts - The report also showed that several restroom facilities in the district s buildings are not wheelchair accessible, a criteria set by Texas Accessibility Standards. We really look at that as priority areas because they are out of compliance

Monday, July 24, 2006

Accessibility Standards: - Microsoft's Expression Web Designer vs. Adobe's Dreamweaver

Microsoft's Expression Web Designer vs. Adobe's Dreamweaver
IT Business Net (press release), CA - 19 hours ago... design standards, such as Cascading Style Sheets; meta data standards, such as XHMTL; data transfer standards, such as XML; and accessibility standards for the ...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Accessibility Standards: - Eateries opening, relocating

Eateries opening, relocating
Helena Independent Record, MT - 13 hours ago... Specifically, the restrooms in the three-year-old building need to be expanded to meet accessibility standards, and Whiteford said that because of the way the ...


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