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ADAAG Pro Features and Benefits
  • Based on the ADAAG Checklist published by the US Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.
  • Designed for easy laptop use - not dependent on mouse. ADAAG Pro is designed for 640 by 480 resolution, so it looks great on a laptop. We felt it would be useful for Independent Living Centers that often go onsite to survey businesses in their areas. Also, since all the controls can be used without a mouse, it is convenient for those who don't like using their laptop mice.
  • Updated quarterly. Since the ADA is updated occasionally, and since there are always ways to improve software, we are committed to updating ADAAG Pro on a quarterly basis. The purchase price includes the first update.
  • Customize surveys for any type of facility. Any building, of any size and variety, can be easily surveyed with ADAAG Pro. All you need is a floor plan, or just walk through the building and add survey forms as necessary.
  • Print blank surveys. If you need to have a paper trail, print out blank copies of your survey.
  • Print illustrations. ADAAG Pro comes with several search engines, one specifically for graphic illustrations that accompany the ADAAG checklist. Easily browse the associated graphics, and print them at your convenience, even when not running a survey.

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