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Independent Living Centers
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Independent Living Centers Headlines
for Thursday, April 27, 2006

Appointments Made to Missouri State Boards, Commissions and ...
Kansas City infoZine, MO - 12 hours ago... 15, 2008. Andrea D. Buening, 45 of Seneca, is an independent special projects coordinator and brain injury advocate with the Independent Living Center. ...

Independent Living Centers Headlines
for Monday, April 24, 2006

Who can help if I've been a victim of discrimination?
Idaho Statesman - The number of housing discrimination complaints in Boise has been on a downward trend in the past couple years, but fair housing advocates and federal officials say people may not know when they've been the victims of discrimination or that help is

Councilor Miriam Witherspoon honored by Independent Living Center
Birmingham Times - The Independent Living Center honored Council President Miriam Witherspoon recently for her exceptional accomplishments. President Pro Tem Witherspoon is a well-respected attorney and champion of rights for the elderly and disabled. She is, also

Are you ready? Are we all ready?
San Jose Mercury News - Ed and June Updegraff look over an aid station -- a plastic storage bins that hold earthquake supplies -- at their retirement community, the Villages in San Jose. Ed Updegraff is co-chair of the Villages' emergency preparedness committee. If the 1989

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